My Way Ristorante

My Way Ristorante
My Way Ristorante

For years, Ted has been welcoming people from all around the Willow Springs area to join him in a celebration of food and friendship.  From his humble beginings as proprieter of My Way Cafe, to his latest venture, My Way Ristorante, Ted has been offering the same quality food and charismatic atmosphere that the residents of Willow Springs have come to appreciate and love.

The first thing you will notice when you visit My Way Ristorante is the feeling of warmth and friendship that is rare in contemporary restaurants. Generosity is formost here and after you have filled yourself with the exceptional cuisine, well-balanced wines, and exceptional service, you will leave with the knowledge that you are always welcome to return.

Working Hours

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 4 pm – 10 pm
Wednesday: 11:30am – 10 pm
Thursday: 11:30am – 10 pm
Friday: 11:30am – 11 pm
Saturday: 4 pm – 11 pm
Sunday: 4 pm – 9 pm

Contact us

Tel: 708-839-1600
Fax: 708-839-1020

We can accommodate parties & luncheons 7 days a week (Noon – 3:30 pm)


8116 S. Archer Ave., Willow Springs, IL  60480